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    Comments: Interestingly enough, during my childhood, I had multiple hip operations at New York Presbyterian Hospital. This is where Dr. Macaulay and I met. He was conducting a research study concerning a new prosthesis and its longevity. I was the Patient Care Director of the Irving Institute for Clinical Research Unit. The study participants were admitted there; and received their post-surgical care.Their stay was for four days. My nursing staff and I enjoyed working with Dr. Macaulay and his team immensely. The primary reason was—-he listened to the nurses and treated them and his patients with respect. We were also impressed by how soon after surgery, patients had doctor’s orders for ambulation. Patients had trepidation about taking those first steps, but sometimes they were euphoric about walking so soon; and with significantly less pain than they had prior to admission. Upon my retirement, I put a lot of stress on my back and hips by carrying books and papers home that were too heavy. This resulted in a very painful vase of sciatica. I did everything to ease or eliminate the pain—-analgesic balms, Aleve, PT and acupuncture. All of this to no avail. My limp was becoming more exaggerated. One day, while speaking to one of my former nurses, and telling her that the pain had not gotten any better, I told her I would be contacting Dr. Macaulay. She told me that he had left NYPH she could give me his new contact information. She had that information because one of the patients we had taken care of was her future husband. I retired January 1, 2016 and had my first surgery was in June of 2016. It was a complex surgery that required a bone graft. I left the hospital on crutches, a vascular machine; and later received all of the equipment that would make it easy for me to assist with my ADL.I was instructed to walk with the crutches using only the toe touching method with the operated(left) leg. All went well during the post op evaluations and physical therapy. Although my right leg was always the stronger of the two, it had worked hard for quite a few months and the sciatica was commencing again.I decided to have the right hip done the following March. Today, I’m able to use the treadmill for fast walking and am currently walking 4-5 miles a few times per week. I also take Zumba classes and love Salsa dancing. I would say my surgeries were very successful!