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William Macaulay, M.D.

Board Certified Orthopedic SurgeonWilliam Macaulay, M.D.

As an orthopedic surgeon at NYU Langone, I specialize in primary and revision total hip and knee replacement, as well as partial knee replacement, hip resurfacing surgery, hip fracture repair, and knee arthroscopy.

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September 10, 2018

Top Joint Replacement Surgeon to Lead NYU Langone’s Adult Reconstructive Surgery Division

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Utilization of a
Novel Opioid-Sparing Protocol in Primary

Total Hip Arthroplasty Results in Reduced Opiate Consumption & Improved Functional Status.

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For the last 20 years my research has focused on important advances in hip and knee reconstructive surgery: surgical recovery enhancement and outcomes of hip and knee...

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Hip Resurfacing

Hip Surgery With a Future

Dr. William B. Macaulay Jr. is one of this country’s leading practitioners of hip resurfacing. Since it is not any easier on a patient than a total replacement, he says a patient should have pain every day before even thinking about it.

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A Wonderful Doctor!
  • Dr. Macaulay is the director of the Center for Hip & Knee Replacement and a physician with Columbia Orthopaedics in New York City. He specializes in solving complex adult reconstructive problems. Dr. Macaulay is familiar with the latest minimally invasive, bone preserving and recuperation enhancing ...

    ~Becker's Hospital~

  • To all interested in having a successful full knee replacement surgery please continue reading. I suffered a horrific skiing accident in 1988, left knee destroyed (16 days in the hospital). I recovered enough to play tennis and golf but skiing was out of the question. After almost 30 years of hobbli...

    ~Eric K~

  • Interestingly enough, during my childhood, I had multiple hip operations at New York Presbyterian Hospital. This is where Dr. Macaulay and I met. He was conducting a research study concerning a new prosthesis and its longevity. I was the Patient Care Director of the Irving Institute for Clinical Res...

    ~Media B~

  • Recently saw Dr. Macaulay at his new office at NYU's Men's Health Center. I was so impressed with him, his staff and incredible office. I feel so fortunate to live in NY and have the opportunity to be treated by world renowned orthopedic surgeon

    ~Self-verified patient ~

  • I have been a long time patient of Dr. Macaulay's. 8 years ago, he gave me the ability to walk again and to this day seeing him in his new NYU office has been a joy and an extremely simple transition. I'm so glad I stuck with with Dr. Macaulay and if any problems arise again I know he'll be there fo...

    ~Self-verified patient ~

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