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    Comments: To all interested in having a successful full knee replacement surgery please continue reading. I suffered a horrific skiing accident in 1988, left knee destroyed (16 days in the hospital). I recovered enough to play tennis and golf but skiing was out of the question. After almost 30 years of hobbling around the knee finally told me it had had enough. I couldn't sit through an inning at Yankee game without being in pain. I went and saw Dr. Macaulay and he agreed with my knee, was time for a replacement. From my initial office visits through surgery my experience with Dr. Macaulay was everything you would want, he and his staff took the time to answer all questions and concerns. As anyone will tell you having knee replacement surgery is NO fun. What I will say is every day from the time of surgery got better and better. My Surgery was in February, I fully committed to the rehab program, this is a bit uncomfortable but a must. I was back to work commuting to NYC in two weeks. I was playing golf (walking) in April and went on to win the Winged Foot two day member guest in June! I would call this very successful outcome. I have also ski'd again after 30 years, don't tell Doc..